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Car Parking Update – 9th November 2018

We are still in communication with the parking team at Richmond Coucil, our MP Dr Vince Cable and local councillor Alexander  Ehmann regarding the on-going difficulties faced by patients who need to visit the surgery by car. Councillor Ehmann has now visited the surgery and observed the difficulties first hand.

As a result of our intervention several “resident permits only” spaces have been changed to “shared use” spaces and these are available to both resident permit holders and non-residents. They are available for a maximum of one hour and non-residents need to pay via RingGo.  If you don’t have a RingGo account and may wish to use these spaces we recommend that you set up a Ringo account in advance and download the App so that it is easier to use when you need it.

These spaces are located in Railshead Road and Kilmorey Drive, we understand that there may be a few more spaces allocated to shared use in the future.

If you continue to experience difficulties parking or paying to park the PPG would encourage you to contact the Council to ask for patient parking and ease of payment to be considered. This can  by letter or email to both the Parking Team and the Highways and Transport Team as neither seem to have overall responsibility for this issue. Email: and

Additionally it would be helpful if you contacted your MP at

and St Margaret’s and North Twickenham councillors:

Cllr Geoff Acton                –
Cllr Alexander Ehmann      –
Cllr Ben Khosa                  –

in order to raise your concerns.


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